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Sunday, 17 January 2021
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Land Agricultural on sale São Francisco da Serra Santiago do Cacém

Phone 265 497 569   Fax 265 497 569
  • LocationSão Francisco da Serra
  • Area878300 m²
  • Status-
  • Construction-
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency-
(1.850.000) EUR 1.830.000
± USD 2.188.000   GBP 1.661.000
The quiet Aldeia Nova do Roncão has its origins in the "; highlight" of this estate that develops towards the ocean, with the slope of the montado, with the sea in sight, allowing to guess the abundant beaches of the largest coast sandy beach in Europe. With 85 hectares of hills, a brook and all that nature provides in a region tempered by the Atlantic climate, this property also has a traditional hill to rehabilitate and an agricultural dependence, close to the urban perimeter of Aldeia do Roncão, but sufficiently away for occupants to be surrounded exclusively by nature. These features make it possible to build a private villa with an area of up to 500sqm or to restore and extend the existing charismatic hill, or to develop a touristic project of villas with a building area of up to 4.000sqm or 6.000sqm if the option falls on a rural hotel. In addition to the tourist potential that accumulates, the estate has a considerable income assured by the production of cork.
  • thumb-131362288_54132682-da30-4962-924d-2ee9aaea317e.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_39bd21cb-19db-4dae-9f33-04f4d5df4523.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_8c0959b3-c118-406f-a938-9e5bdb48033c.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_49279e4a-bee0-4c5e-bf31-920144c81baf.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_1fc402f5-6a34-47fc-a996-66c45231c6af.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_5acd81cf-8e7d-45e3-a576-1fc497b67169.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_e6b40614-a3ee-4aa0-94c7-e87231b20d4c.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_32fd1289-8bf8-4268-8632-9bb862954834.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_53194587-79de-4a94-94f5-923d9719f7ab.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_11a577e1-1809-48b1-bb53-9b34fad356f9.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_01456e84-5a95-435a-b3ed-8dc0687aee3f.jpg
  • thumb-131362288_c1ee8879-a0e5-4f24-b7a6-e8144739b4b4.jpg
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Engel & Völkers ComportaRua do Comercio, 11
7580-642 Comporta
  • Telephone:
    265 497 569
  • Fax:
  • Website:
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